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Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

The code requires that local authorities must publish details of all grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

This can be achieved by either:

  • Tagging and hence specifically identifying transactions which relate to voluntary, community or social enterprise organisations within published data on expenditure over £500 or published procurement information, or
  • By publishing a separate list or register

For each identified grant, the following information must be published as a minimum:

  • Date the grant was awarded
  • Time period for which the grant has been given
  • Local authority department which has awarded the grant
  • Beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s registration number (where applicable)
  • Summary of the purpose of the grant
  • Amount

Wivelsfield Parish Council publishes this information within its monthly schedules of expenditure, as individual grants are paid.  However the grants awarded over the last year are summarised below:


Date Paid Beneficiary Purpose Amount £
16 April 2018 Wivelsfield Village Hall Outdoor maintenance grant 600
16 April & 2 July 2018 Wivelsfield Cricket Club Cricket pitch maintenance grant (paid in two tranches) 700
14 May 2018 Wivelsfield Village Day Contribution towards provision of entertainment at annual Parish summer event 2000
9 July 2018 Junior Wicked Grant towards provision of equipment for youth group 500
30 July 2018 Wivelsfield Bonfire Society Grant towards provision of entertainment (fireworks) at Bonfire event 250
12 November 2018 Wivelsfield Community Club Provision of entertainment and Christmas tea for older generation from Parish 400
4 March 2018 Wivelsfield Parochial Church Council Churchyard maintenance grant 2500
Total of Grants Paid     6950