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Wivelsfield Little Theatre

Wivelsfield Little Theatre has been a drama and social club since 1964 when the stage was set in the Reading Room in Green Road. The front row was so near to the stage that members of the audience rested their feet on it, tempting the cast to say “excuse me madam, are you part of the set?”. The electrical supply was on a coin meter, there was more than one occasion when the stage manager forgot to feed it in the interval resulting in a total blackout in Act 2!

In 1982 the village hall opened, we now have excellent facilities with a permanent stage, lighting/sound loft and quality sound system.

Fun and a high standard of production has always been our aim. Since 1978 a number of awards have been won in competitions run by Brighton and Hove Arts Council and the Mid Sussex Times – ‘Best Stage Setting’, ‘Best Comic Performance’, ‘Best Supporting Actress’, ‘Best Costumes’, ‘Best Choreography’ and ‘Best Actor’.

None of this can happen without support. We are always looking for new actors, directors, stage managers, set designers, lighting and sound technicians, carpenters, painters, make up artists, costume designers, prop handlers, prompts, ushers and lots more.

We are not just about drama, there are monthly social events, mostly unconnected with the stage that anyone can enjoy. Events can include the whole family – rounders on the village green – visit to the backstage of a London theatre – quiz evening – walks – barbecue. Regular play readings are popular and held for fun providing a good opportunity to search for future plays. Age is no barrier, we have people of all ages. Everyone is made to feel welcome.